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How to Place order

Visit our Men's Velvet loafers page or Ladies shoes or any other webpages and Leave a Message by choosen your style number. We will provide you with final confirmation of availability of the shoes / Velvet loafers by return .

This terms is applicable for new customer only. (See Step 2 next)

Re-confirm your order and send payment within 72 hours Once you have determined to order, Once you have sent the payment, you may notify us. Kindly note, if the payment takes longer than 72 hours, please inform us by e-mail, or call.

Otherwise order might have cancelled due to such delay.(See Step 3 next)

Wait for shipping procedures to be completed. We will make all the shipping arrangements and inform you of the shipping schedule once your product is ready. we do use DHL Fedex and UPS only. ,Shipping cost will deppend base on Express,Economy or Regular post basis.

if you had purchased Bulk lot FOB Sea basis, you may notify us about your shipping arrangements. After the vessel leaves from our port.

we will send you a copy of B/L by e-mail as a proof of the shipment and will courier the original set of B/L together with the Invoice by DHL or EMS service

As soon as the vessel arrives at your port, you can pick up your shoes. Note: After you have received your shoe(s) at your port, please follow the import regulations specified by your country.(See Step 4 next)

You can personalized your item choosing your own desired colors or materials if you already have your own.If you don't have and you like to see some option,ask to your concerned Merchandiser to whom you are connected.

FG Shoe are quite confident about execution thru any type of embroidery ,motif print and metal embellishment in outer sole ,latter embossing or engraving for high quality branding in insole over leather lined or woven labels on satin quilted inner of slippers,we just need a jpg format image from you thru email in order to design for your item in specific location.

Custom packaging We normally provide white shoe box which is free of cost,for adding your custom logo in shoe box or shoe bag with your desired color and material we do charge additional,ask to your concerened merchandiser for quoting the price accordingly.


Please select our product Style number , size you want and send us a message by email. We are very prompt in reply.
We offer all customers who purchase directly from us a 30-day no-questions asked return and exchange policy. This means you can run outside in your shoes and make sure that you love them. If not, just let us know, as we cover the cost of shipping on any returns or exchanges within this 30-day window. Shoes must be unworn with tags still intact in order to be returned for a refund. (Please note that free return shipping is only available for exiting customer. Learn more
If you have an issue that you would like to submit to our team for consideration under the warranty, please send us an email to with the following information for the warranty claim:
• Proof of purchase – either a copy of the original receipt, bank statement, or store invoice will work.
• Picture of the tops and bottoms of both shoes.
• Picture of the damaged area.
• Picture of the style number from the patch sewn into tongue.
• Approximate mileage on the shoes.
Orders are delivered within 3 weeks time . Track your order Or Contact Us if you are experiencing a delay.
Yes we do offer custom packaging with various option for branding your shoe box.
Normally we take 7 days right after you have confirmed your order. However depending on our designer's working schedule you might have experienced some delays.
Yes we send physical sample to Wholesale customer for their final approval,however these only applicable once the DEMO image is approved by email and the order value is minimum 1000 US$.
Yes , we do branding under the sole by engraving your logo ,also any custom initialls /Family crest we can do embroidery on velvet loafers.
Yes we do offer free drop shipping with minimum 50 pair order.

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