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Mr.Abdullah is the founder & Chairman of the FG Shoe and one of the first to apply assembly line manufacturing to the mass production of affordable Footwear line .This achievement not only revolutionized industrial production.One of his most popular speech "life is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present,and the only creation that is worth a tinker's damn is the United we make today."A famed Bangladeshi entrepreneur, is best known for his widely successful FG brand, a banner that encompasses a variety of business organizations.Was born in Chittagong ,Bangladesh. Mr.Abdullah was passionate about Mathhmetics ,In 1993 he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Technology from Loughborough University.


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Our Vision |

We continued to make significant changes that were designed to improve the user experience on all of our sites, including changes to pricing and shipping policies. We also made significant steps to create a faster and more streamlined search experience with a greater focus on relevance when sorting search results.

Your Advantages |
Lower costs:
By buying directly from us, you may be able to avoid markups from intermediaries, retailers, or distributors. This can result in lower prices for the shoes you want.

Greater control: When you buy shoes directly from us, you can communicate directly with our representatives and potentially customize your order according to your specific needs or preferences.
Faster turnaround: Directly buying shoes from FG may also lead to a faster turnaround time for your order, as there are fewer steps involved in the production and delivery process.

Quality assurance: Working directly with us you can also get help ensuring that you receive shoes of high quality, as you can potentially oversee the production process and hold the manufacturer accountable for any issues.

Our Advantages |

Affordability: FG Shoe is known for its low labor costs, which makes production costs lower than in many other countries. As a result, we crafted shoes can often be sold at a lower price compared to those manufactured in other countries.

Quality: We have a well-established footwear industry that has been growing rapidly in recent years. The company produces a range of shoes, from casual to formal, that are made using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Ethical Production: We operate with a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices. This means that customer can feel good about supporting a brand that is doing its part to protect workers' rights and reduce its environmental impact.

Unique Styles: Global footwear Market has a rich culture and history, which is often reflected in the designs of its shoes. Customers who are looking for unique and stylish footwear might be drawn to the distinct designs that we are capable to serve

Convenience: With the growth of global export market, it is easier than ever for customer to import shoes from around the world. Many online retailers now offer shoes made in Bangladesh, making it easy for consumers to purchase these products from the comfort of their own homes.

Our Philosophy |

Our growth strategy is focused on reinvesting in our customers by improving the buyer experience by enhancing our products and services, improving trust and safety and customer support, extending our product offerings into new formats, categories, and implementing innovative pricing and buyer retention strategies, We creates a wide range of leather products according to the same high quality standards. Production takes place thought ancient methods that have been enhanced and improved by technological evolution,


As a manufacturer and exporter selling your shoes to world markets, our web portal offer's several benefits as below:
●Better Exposure to world markets.

●Combined efforts to compete with Turkey and Portugal based exporters.
●Feel of market prices of most selling new brand of shoes from other dealer's.
●Direct access to over 25 foreign buyer's from USA, Europe and Other countries.

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Our speacility is having designing studio ,Modern equipped Leather Tannery and a leather footwear testing unit giving its extra strength of footwear project demanding most confident shoe manufacturer today. Currently we are importing leather from Turkey and leather sole from Italy, we also do fish skin and exotic leather made bespoke shoes for USA and Canada.
pdf company profile-FG Shoe shoe assembling image
By focusing the local market,we uplift the level of shoe making...proudly bearing "for the Classical" mindset combination of modern influences, time-tested workmanship and impressive work ethics sees a constant production of world-class quality -made footwear.
Custom Order |

We provide a full Private Label service also with packaging customized with your brand You can have your own custom designs made or you can have our current products customized with your brand.

Shipping |
Container loading shipment involves great effort and diligence and also requires know-how and experience. We have extensive stuffing experience of many years and you can be sure that your shoes will be shipped securely, cost-effectively and in safe environment. We have also acquired the most cost-competitive rates due to our bulk shipments on regular basis. Below is an idea of container load shipment. Usually we manage to stuff 500 to 700 cartons in a single 20ft container, which also depends on the type of carton sizes/dimensions. However if all cartons are of larger sizes, we may be stuffing only 500 carton (3000 pair) in a 20ft container.

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