FG velvet loafers is made from high quality rayon and silk mixed synthetic non disperse fabric which helps reduce friction and lowers the chances of blisters and or irritation of the skin.

As a high quality velvet loafers supplier we brings you 15 years of wide management experience acquired by working intensely in velvet loafers manufacturing fields, designing management and marketing development. This team puts all its experience and professionalism at your service, aiming always to give complete satisfaction to customers and clients.

We offer you a large capacity of velvet loafers with full documentation provided by its technologist as well as our authorized distributors. All velvet loafers we offer are original and authorized by the local agent

We offer all with proper paper work as with our expertise and Quality Control Agency

We look to answer the needs of our clients in a variety of fields in which we have longstanding hands-on experience: 

Traditional craftsmanship

Goodyear welted construction

Hand made, 100% sewing by hand

Loafer style, embossed spider

Finest italian velvet upper

Full leather lining

Hand stitched leather sole

Custom hand appliques to make each loafer unique

US Size


Tassel Loafers

Applique Loafers

Mens Velvet Loafers


Discovering new line in loafers trends.....